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Smart and Connected
Today's systems are much more than security: they can detect and alert and control virtually anything in your home. Want to kick on the heat before you drive home? Dial up your app. Want a special alert if anyone ever opens that utility shed door (even when the alarm is off), simply program the app to notify you. Want to know what time the kids got home from school? How about not only knowing when someone rings you door bell, but seeing and talking to them on your phone, right now? That's what smart security can do. With today's tech and our experience, tell us what and how you need protection and we will deliver a custom solution at an industry-busting price.

Staying connected
Worry-free living just got easier. Now you can check and even manage your house from anywhere with our powerhouse apps:

  • turn the alarm on/off
  • run the lights
  • adjust the thermostat
  • check your driveway cameras
  • kick on the sprinklers
  • unlock the door for the maid service
  • turn on your own custom "home from work" lights and climate
  • practically everything but walk the dog... (Still working on that one!)

    Powering the Connected home

Our Equipment
Only the finest equipment, that's our commitment to you. Unlike some companies that throw up untested gimmicks, cheap knock-offs, or whatever's on sale that week. We pay the extra price to ensure you get the most dependable and reliable security possible. To find the best, we not only attend the top trade shows and tech conferences, we put new products through our own rigorous, in-house tests before putting it in your home...because you deserve to know not only how it works, but that it works. If Carolina techs are loading that equipment out, it's because we have run field trials to prove its trustworthy. And that's why, again and again, customers have years of trouble-free protection. Whether it's Honeywell or Bosch, Interlogix or Elk, you'll find some of the oldest as well as some of the most advanced names in security powering your system with the same protection we provide to Federal and law enforcement agencies.

Using quality equipment—and installing it right—is a big reason you can count on our one-of-a-kind service plan. If our equipment ever gives you trouble, our tech team is there 24-7 for repairs that come fast, free, and forever!


Some guys brag to be cheaper…

We're not cheap people. We don't believe in cutting corners, fancy sales gimmicks, or second-rate products. We do believe in doing quality work for a fair price. We believe if we're fair with the customer, we win and …establish a relationship of trust which will last for years. For that reason, we will:

  • go the extra mile in pulling wire and doing the job right
  • pay the extra dollar in getting the right equipment for the job
  • take the afterhours call to help a worried customer
  • put every ounce of 30+ years of alarm experience into every quote, every repair, every new installation, and every emergency dispatch

There's nothing "cheap" about protecting people's lives and priceless possessions. There's no second chance for security done wrong. There's nothing more expensive—more dangerous—than a security failure. Real security requires hard work, stringent standards, and many years to master. If that's the level of commitment you're looking for in your security service, we'd be honored to talk to you.

Its not the same thing.

Professional security services with a Family touch. Its because we are family.
Carolina Security is family owned and operated.

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