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 Belle+ Personal Emergency Response

Finally, you can get full on-call help and fall protection ...
anywhere—for less than $2 a day!!!

(And this little powerhouse weighs less than 2 ounces!!!)




Now, mobile personal protection is easy
We all want the freedom to go anywhere, yet with the peace of mind knowing help is there. Now, Carolina Security can make that go-anywhere safety easy: out lightweight Belle+ pendant gives you nationwide 24/7 emergency help, any time you need it, anywhere you are .

At the touch of a button, the Belle+ mobile personal emergency device connects you with trained customer care professionals who can call your family or dispatch emergency services to your exact location. This elegant, slimline unit sits lightly on your shoulders, allowing you the easy mobility to visit the store or friends, to take a walk or play a full round of golf, all the while knowing our customer care team is always on call, should you ever need help. And, in case of a fall, it can even can  call for you  ...even when you can't!

GPS WiFi Cell

More importantly, your unit uses an advanced  three-way positioning system , combining GPS, WiFi, and cellular to triangulate your  precise  location for first responders...saving critical time finding you when every second counts.   Belle+'s patent-pending technology can also transfer you directly to 911, so authorities can stay on the line with you until help arrives. But our customer care team doesn't just call for help. We're with you every step of the way: we can provide vital information to emergency responders such as any of your allergies or medical conditions, hidden key or lockbox details, family contacts, and even your preferred hospital.

Precise Location

Powerful, yet Simple to Use
And all this protection is as simple as keeping your Belle+ device with you as you go about your normal routine, knowing a simple touch of the button gets our care professionals on the line with you on a crystal-clear speaker that makes conversation easy .

It is also readily recharged at night, resting in a custom-designed cradle on the nightstand while your sleep. That keeps your Belle+ always charged and ready for use, on high capacity batteries which last  5 days or more without recharge!

Comfort and Convenience
This elegant pendant packs its powerhouse features in a compact elegance that weighs less than most wristwatches . Barely over  1/2 inch thick  and weighing  less than 2 ounces , this little dynamo is easily worn about the neck or kept in a pocket.
Yet your Belle+ is a durable piece of equipment made to stay by your side. It is even water resistant, to protect you from possible slip-and-fall accidents even while you shower.

Unlike many "life alert" systems, this is NOT a "home only" device. Too many such systems can make people practically prisoners in their own homes, since their communication depends on a plug-in base station (and even using their own land line telephone!)   Unlike such "home alone" systems, we expect you to live your life unhindered , freely going when and where you need to. Comfortable to wear and easy to maintain, Belle+ is the ideal life alert companion to keep with you everywhere.

How It Works

Who Uses Belle+?
We've all heard the numbers from the Center for Disease Control: about 20% of folks over age 65 will accidentally fall each year. That's why most users enjoy the comfort of the  Fall Detection  option, which enables Belle+ to not only detect if you fall...but to also  call for help, even when you can't!  Your automatic Fall Detection system picks up sudden jolts or crashes and alerts our customer care professionals to act on a possible emergency in seconds. So Belle+ has proven itself the perfect companion for many older folks...although, these days, its convenience and range has also made it the choice of more and more younger people who recognize the value of "always ready" protection.
photo More and more people see the value in for the kind of take-anywhere safety and the peace of mind that comes from knowing that Carolina Security has "got your back." Young college students can wear Belle during late-night appointments around campus, or when out exploring the local sights. Endurance athletes, extreme athletes, and even weekend warriors enjoying knowing they can get help in seconds if they have an accident or injury. And folks who often work alone like farmers and truckers, or are exposed to extreme and hazardous conditions, look for the kind of fast, fool-proof help that no smartphone can guarantee . When you're hurt, trapped, or unconscious, you may not have the time or ability to fumble through apps and buttons; what you need is Belle's one-touch call to the professionals.

With Belle+ we can always say YES!
Is there two-way communication in the pendant?

Does it have GPS?

Does it have fall detection?

Are there FREE mobile apps for family and caregivers?

Does it work at home and away?

Does it offer Wi-Fi location technology?

Can I get low battery alerts? Caregiver too?

Are my loved ones notified in an emergency?

Now for the best part: as we've always done, Carolina Security is cutting our prices to the bone to protect you. In just days, you can have Belle+ keeping you safe, and do it with:

  • Free shipping
  • Free activation
  • No long-term contract
  • No equipment to buy
  • No phone line required
  • No tangle of wires to hook up
  • No price increase (we've never raised rates on our customers!)
  • Free lifetime repair and replacement

And we are so determined to make this a no-brainer, we offer a 100% risk free guarantee:

Risk-free Buying
We begin protecting you from day one, by protecting your wallet. Carolina Security offers Belle+ to you at  no risk , fully protected by our  iron clad, no-hassle GUARANTEE .: If, at any time, you decide Belle+ is not the product for you, simply call us to receive your free return shipping box and send it back to us. We will immediately cancel your order, no ifs, ands, or buts.

With our easy start up plan, you have nothing to lose: pay  No installation charge, No shipping cost,  and feel safe protected by our  No-hassle return policy.  Try our device as long as you like. If for  any reason , you decide to return it to us, your payments stop immediately, and there are no hidden contract discontinuance or disconnection fees, ever.

How to wear your Belle+

Can I really take my Belle+ anywhere?
Your Belle+ is designed for years of reliable field service. And, yes, that includes taking it in the shower. It is not, however, designed to go  under  water, so don't take Belle into the bathtub...or ocean!
Do I need to call for help on my cell phone?
No, the beauty of Belle+ is that we keep all your important contacts on file and will notify them in seconds. They can also sign up for email and text alerts. Even better, your loved ones can download Belle's app, and check your status and location themselves --any time, anywhere--in mere seconds. 
What kind of signals does Belle+ send?
Belle+ can give you instant 2-way voice, "Fall" detection and emergency notification, and also notify customer care professionals and loved ones of "low battery" or "power off" conditions.

How large is Belle's coverage area?
Belle+ uses the entire AT&T network, plus partners with GSM networks outside the network, to create coverage in every state. In most states, the coverage is well over 90% of the terrain, and often approaching 100%. You can check the coverage situation of your area here [freeus link ]

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About Us
Unlike our competition, we are not some anonymous web page re-selling some random widget-in-a-box. Carolina Security is a real emergency response company headquartered in Charlotte with decades of experience in fast, friendly customer care. Everyone in our top management has at least 25 years of hard-won experience in personal protection in homes, schools, offices, and government facilities. In that time, we have seen a lot of companies come and go, companies who tried to cut corners or didn't understand the high level of commitment required to provide lightning-fast emergency response to thousands of people, day in and day out. We were fortunate to have learned firsthand from one of the pioneers of electronic security who started way back in 1968, at the very beginning of in-home personal alarm protection.   Back then, when an emergency signal came in, the company owners would even grab a radio and shotgun in the middle of the night to hurry over and protect a customer's house!

By combining such "old-fashioned" uncompromising customer care with today's more advanced technology, we have become one of the largest independent operations in the Southeast and built a reputation for fast, reliable service. We have looked a long time for a go-anywhere, always-on-call emergency response system that matched our expectations for reliability and performance. Our customers didn't want to be tied to a base station at home; they wanted a truly mobile solution which could keep up with their active lives, was easy to wear, simple to recharge, and came at a fair price --with Belle+, our quest is over. We are proud to offer Belle's unparalleled range of services to protect you and keep your loved ones in the loop, should you ever require help.
Our 100% free equipment repair and replacement coverage says it all: we promise to protect you with quality equipment, and stand behind it...for as long as you're a customer...guaranteed. If you ever have a problem, we give you quick, painless replacement to keep your protection going. Call our team today to find out how Belle+ from Carolina Security & Wiring may be right for you.

Belle+ Prices 
We make it easy for you to get started right away, with:

  • Free shipping
  • Free activation
  • No long-term contract
  • No equipment to buy
  • No phone line required
  • No tangle of wires to hook up
  • No price increase (we've never raised rates on our customers!)
  • Free lifetime repair and replacement 

You can have nationwide coverage, protecting you wherever you go, for the low monthly rate of $39.95. Or, for just a few dollars, you can add the full power of Fall Detection--just $49.95 a month. Either way, that's less than $2 a day (less than a cup of coffee these days!), to have the full protection of emergency coverage from trained customer care professionals.

And don't forget, your loved ones also receive a powerhouse app that can tell them where you are, or send important updates straight to their phone, any time, day or night.
Bottom line: you're getting nationwide coverage that allows you to go out and live your life, secure in the knowledge that committed professionals are always on-call, looking out for you.

Too good to be true, or simply...TOO GOOD TO PASS UP?

A personal message from company founders, Ken and Vanessa Cagle :
It was a devastating blow when Vanessa's dad was diagnosed with throat cancer.  We worried a lot about him.  Fortunately, he completed a full round of radiation treatment, and his cancer is now in remission. Thank you, God!  Nowadays, however, he tries to remain active, but feels weaker and, frankly, a little afraid.  Even going out to meet his friends at the local Waffle House has become a worry. And we too worried about him falling at night with no one around to help.  That's why we decided to get him the Belle+.  Now, we no longer have to worry about him falling or needing help. We know our specialists are a button press away.  Vanessa is especially comforted knowing she can locate him easily with the app, just to know where he is and that he's okay.  The Belle+ unit has really delivered peace of mind not only to dad, but to our whole family. I feel certain it will for yours too.

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