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Single Camera Solution
Sometimes you just need one particular camera in one particular spot. Nothing complicated, just an extra set of “digital eyes” to record what’s happening—and let you watch remotely—while you’re away. The Time Machine CUBE is a user-friendly 3.1 megapixel camera that lets you do just that, with clear pictures and crisp sound. Your Cube connects easily to your internet in either a permanent wired or mobile wireless mode over your WIFI.
Built for Upgrades

Built for Upgrades

Our Time Machine Cube WIFI cameras easily integrate with our complete range of camera systems. This makes it simple for you to get exactly the video solution that’s right for you.

Wireless Camera

Is it just one CAMERA, or is it a whole CAMERA SYSTEM?

Watch out for slick sales tricks that try to sell you a single camera, when what you really want is a complete system. A couple cameras running over the internet is not the same as a complete camera system. Some security companies (and big box retailers) sell quick-mount wireless cameras. Such devices have a myriad of shortcomings. First, most are battery powered, so you will have to continually replace them just to keep it running. These cameras also store any pictures remotely over the internet. This network traffic not only clogs your internet pipeline (slowing it down) but it also means that when your internet is down (especially if the bad guys disconnects your internet), then the cameras have stopped recording!

A couple cameras is no substitute for a full camera system. A camera system does not depend on the internet or even your networking equipment to be able to record camera video. A professionally-installed system will run commercial-grade video cables installed to each camera, providing it with 24/7 power and maintaining a line for continual recording by an on-site DVR. This means even without internet, your cameras still capture the critical picture, and can keep it there until you need it. And because a camera system has a DVR, you have powerful search tools to allow you to quickly hunt for exactly that critical shot that shows what happened. These kind of features are just not found on out-of-the-box cloud recording cameras. If you want not just convenience but peace of mind, you want a camera system protecting your property and the people you love.

Camera VS Camera System

Complete Camera Solutions

Commercial Grade Cameras

You can’t go wrong if you do it right. That’s why our commercial grade security cameras are amongst the most advanced on the market. Choose your level of clarity: from 2.1 megapixel to a full 8 Megapixel 4K options. All of them using powerhouse Infrared Matrix 2.0 Technology which allows you to see further and with sharper in total darkness, in ways conventional infrared array cameras never could.

Commercial Outdoor
Criminals prefer to stay hidden, and that’s why they slink around in the dark. That means it’s mission critical to have a robust security system, with super sharp night time vision as truly long range. Most retail cameras simply blast a diffuse beam of infrared light. As a result, they have huge blind spots and produce very uneven image quality. But the Infrared Matrix technology powering our security cameras gives you over 130’ feet of razor sharp images, night or day, for the best 24/7/360° protection.

Camera Comparison

The Right Cameras

We have many camera options from IP to HD, from Pan-tilt-zoom to ultra Low Light, with specialty lenses for long range or up-close license plate or cash register shots…even 360 degree ultra HD. With decades of security experience, we can craft a camera system that will meet your needs. Let us help you find the perfect video security solution.



See who’s at the door with a video doorbell with 2-way speaker. Home or away, you will always be able to answer the door from your smartphone. Give the burglar the illusion you are home even when you’re not. Perfect for any home or anyone home alone. Don’t endanger yourself by opening your door strangers! See and talk with who’s at the door without opening the door. The doorbell video is stored on your local system.

The TM Video Doorbell replaces your existing doorbell button and works with your existing door chimes. The TM Video Doorbell works with our app sending you notifications when some rings the doorbell or motion is detected. The TM Doorbell can also be connected to your TM Camera System for 24-hour recording.

Time Machine DVR Systems

H264 and H265+ Technolgies
System configurations available in 4, 8, 16, 24, 32 Plus Channel Systems

We have been building and improving video security since the days of VHS tapes. Many businesses back then were swapping a tape every day as their only way to build a full 30 day recorded history. We hit the market hard with some of the first digital machines, replacing grainy images and VHS tapes with digital recording on hard drives. Today’s machines make those early digital recorders look about as sleek and fast as a Model T Ford. Our most popular systems these day use solid state hard drives with supercompression technology, motion-actuated recording, advanced facial AI at prices that blow the competition’s mind. Some of the most popular systems include a host of powerful features, like:


Recording video is one thing; finding the exact recording quickly is another. Even if you know the day, locating the very moment can be difficult and time consuming. We know. We give our customers hands-on service and training and have seen the frustration. We have been right there, spending hours looking through video recordings to find the thief. Smartsearch changes all that. Smartsearch allows you to pick one small area and have the machine pull up only shots with activity in that zone. This alone can save you precious hours of time…and catching the bad guy that much faster.

Powerful Video Content Analytics

Detection and Notification
Detect and Notify turns your video cameras in 24-hour watch guards who will send you instant alerts. Simply pick a critical area and, whenever someone moves into that area, you will receive a ”Push Notification” to your phone, with an image attached so you can take instant appropriate action.


Enabling Hear on your Time Machine camera system allows you to record audio and listen-in remotely over the app. Hear can also help in identifying criminal who may wear mask to cover their face.

Enabling Talk on your Time Machine camera system allows you to engage in a two-way conversation with your camera system location from your app. Imagine giving employees instructions or verbal warning a trespassers. Don’t just watch it happen, Talk.

TM Management Software
Powerful Business Management Tools
Controlling business operations from anywhere—whether one location, or a dozen—gives you a huge competitive advantage...and breaks you free from the chains of your desk! Your camera system streams sharp, fast video to your phone or laptop anywhere so you can know in an instant what's going on back at the shop. Get a customer complaint on the road? Dial back the video from your hotel room to see what actually happened. Wondering who forgot to arm the alarm at closing time?  Roll back the footage to see. Vandalism in the parking lot? Download a copy for the police so they can see for themselves how it all went down.

TM Software

And that's not the best part.  Business owners tell us over and over again what a powerful management partner their video system is.  They can spot employees extending breaks, cutting corners, or dipping into the till...and even "catch 'em doing good" for that surprise thumbs-up from the boss.  They tell us when they start running video audits, productivity spikes and theft drops (sometimes to the tune of thousands of dollars a month!).  And those uncomfortable disciplinary conferences go a whole lot smoother when there's no more "he said, she said": just show them the proof and talk about what happens next.  Your camera systems gives you extra sets of 24/7 eyes and ears which see more clearly and remember more precisely than any assistant manager ever could, and costs a whole lot less.  All of which send more CASH to your bottom line while saving you precious TIME.

E-Map View
Get right to the shot you want in a second.  Specialized software can generate a custom map of YOUR location, making it simple to go right to the camera you need.  Special alerts can also be programmed to watch over specified areas and notify you of unauthorized movement on the day(s) and time(s) you designate with liveinstant pop-up video feed. When integrated with our door access systems, you can then both communicate in real time to release locked doors for visitors to gain entry, or, if necessary, begin emergency response.

Floor Plan

People Counting for Customer and Staffing Oversight

Would you like to know exactly how many customers walked into your business last week?  How about being able to compare that to last month during the BOGO sale, and last year during the holiday rush?  Are you over staffing and losing money or understaffed and losing customers?  Either way, you could be losing money.  Instead, put the field-tested algorithms in your video software to work which can spot and track any human beings moving around.  Yet one more powerful analytic tool in your arsenal to boost profitability. Live View

Heat Mapping For Productivity Management

How would you like to know how most of your customers congregate?  Or what endcaps draw their attention, or what parts of the store are getting passed by?  And how about charting your work and materials flow through the warehouse?  Your camera system "Heat map" setting of give you a great overall picture  of how much human activity occurs in particular areas.  Now, knowing exactly where your employees and customers actually move, you can spot the most (and least) productive areas for instant improvement. Heat Mapping

Remote Control and Monitoring
Have mission-critical machinery or operations?  How about time-sensitive deliveries needed by scheduled deadlines?  Or environmental controls, temp or pressure gauges, or simply lights needing to stay on (or off)?  Virtually any mechanical or electrical device—and nearly anything you can measure—can be captured on camera and hooked to 24/7 sensors to alert you as soon as anything goes wrong.  Worry-free oversight of critical systems and sensitive operations is another way cameras and alarm systems can become always-there team members essential to your business success.


The latest industry video compression standard is High Efficiency Video Coding (H265). Sadly, most video security technologies on the market are still using the legacy H264 encoding. H265 allows more video to be stored on less space, meaning you will have recorded history going back 70% farther than before. Just as important, H265 reduces the file bit rate by 30-50%, meaning you get faster, smoother pictures loading to your phone.

Free Smartphone and Tablet Apps

Smartphone and Tablet Apps
Yes, there’s an app for all that! Your app allows you to view your cameras live, roll back and watch recorded history, listen in and even change and update the settings, from anywhere, anytime.

Have lots of cameras? Get a BIG monitor. The Time Machine systems offer high resolution images that bring incredible depth and clarity over HDMI or 4K.

Cloud Storage

Local Storage
We get it: your video is private. Our systems store all your video locally on your Time Machine and not in the “Cloud” on some else’s computer.

Password Protected!

Password Protected
Your video is securely stored on your premises and our machines are password protected and you can set the password.

Large Property Have a large property?
If you have a multi building or large property we have a solution for you. Our technical team can build you a private network for beaming video to the main system. Allowing you to centrally manage and review cameras easily from the main location.

Experienced Professionals
Over 20 years of
professional security experience

Professional Matters
A common problem we find in taking over competitor’s work are improperly installed systems which using the wrong equipment, the wrong cameras, for the job. Base model DVR systems, legacy video technology, and improperly installed and sighted cameras are simply not professional grade. We have even seen indoor cameras looking out a window to the outside or, worse, indoor cameras mounted outside in the weather where they quickly fail! Our professional installation teams are constantly being educated on the latest systems and technologies in order to deliver to you the most advanced video security. We carefully review your property and determine your security goals and can recommend the best camera upgrades to give you complete coverage and clear, detailed images.

Cameras + Security = Protective Layers
Although cameras are important security tools, they are only one component of a complete protection solution. For the highest security possible, you want our “Protective Layers” system, which uses a matrix of detection and deterrent to first spot, then warn, and, if necessary dispatch authorities, long before they can reach any thing to steal. Call our sales team for a personal site survey.

Commercial Video

Residntial Video

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